John Chapman Bags

John Chapman makes hand crafted bags for travel, leisure, business and sporting activities. They bring a contemporary approach to classic English style and quality.

The company has been established for many years in Cumbria, England. The natural beauty of the surrounding Lake District and Borders has provided much of the inspiration for the bags.

John Chapman is one of the last remaining companies to make bags exclusively in the UK in their own workshops. They insist on only using materials of the highest quality, wherever possible from natural sources.

To to ensure the highest possible product quality, around 80% of the direct manufacturing cost of the bags is accounted for by the materials which go into the making. The bags are made by craftsmen and women without using harmful chemicals and in a responsible environment. 

Customers often return their bags after many years' hard use to renew or repair because they have formed a personal bond with that bag. This is possible because John Chapman actually makes the bags, instead of sourcing them from overseas.