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  • Flat front trousers do come to an end

    2010-10-06 2 comments

    Whether to have turn-ups (A.E. cuffs) or plain finished hems on your flat front trousers can sometimes stir quite a debate. It is of course mostly a matter of personal taste; however it is more inspiring to make your pick if you have some knowledge of the relevant traditions.

    Flat front trousers
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  • Rules vs. Rules of thumb

    2010-03-07 1 comment

    One reason for sartorial misunderstanding is the linguistic similarity between rules and rules of thumb. Many times rules of thumb are presented as rules, just leaving out the important distinction that a rule of thumb is a "general guideline, rather than a strict rule; an approximate measure or means of reckoning based on experience or common knowledge". Thus wrongfully making the world of style appear rigid and boring.

    Mr. Tweed
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  • Relaxed Style for Winter Weekends

    2009-12-08 Leave comment

    Winter is here. If you are lucky enough, soon your time will be divided between frost bitten walks and warm fireplace contemplation. The season calls for clothes as relaxed as itself - but, as is the case with it's summer counterpart, leisurely never equals sloppy. Rich colours and soft natural fibres are key elements when striving for a look that would meet with the approval of even your impeccably dressed grandfather.

    Tweed jacket and cardigan
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  • On Conservatism

    2009-11-15 Leave comment

    I confess that, regarding my attire, I am quite conservative. I never wear sneakers outside the tennis court. I never wear jeans and tie together. I do like my jackets to cover my behind with some margin. This does not mean, however, that I cannot appreciate the kind of smart eclecticism displayed by less conservative gentlemen.

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  • Crew-Neck Salvation

    2009-11-06 Leave comment

    Not many Woosters these days are gifted with a Jeeves. And if you get behind in your ironing routine, a t-shirt and a jumper is a tempting combination. But in this case a crew-neck is the superior choice, making your laziness less obvious.

    Peregrine Crew-Neck Jumper
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