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On Conservatism

The last ten years have been very interesting from a style point of view. The revival of traditional gentlemen clothing has ideed met with my satisfaction. Pocket squares, sports jackets, cut-away collars and three piece suits are for everyone these days. Of course, many designers have tried to, unsuccessfully, reinvent the wheel. But I guess that is their job.

Much more inspiring than designer failures is the development of contemporary casually smart "street wear". Promoted by sites like the Sartorialist this has meant the empowerment of all good looking, style conscious clothing consumers out there. Mixing fashion items, vintage garments, classic sportswear and creating eclectic outfits looking relaxed and elegant and yet full of attitude. No rules, just the eye of the beholder to judge the outcome. This is what style icons like the Duke of Windsor and Cary Grant did in their time, but now it is for everyone. If you get in front of Scott Schuman's camera, that is.

So why don't I infuse my wardrobe with this fresh soigné of the undogmatic? Well, perhaps I someday will, I guess it just take some time for my conservative soul to catch up to my eyes.

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