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The Drones Club (in Swedish) stands up for traditional gentlemen values, and vigourusly fights the whims of modernity and fashion trends.

Manolo (in Swedish) features an impressive mens style content and many visitor comments. A large portion is inspired by traditional british tailoring.

The Sartorialist is a major inspiration for consumers as well as designers, with photos of well-dressed men and women in the street. Many styles represented often in an eclectic mix.

Stiljournalen (in Danish) puts forward traditional style at it's best. Tweed, bespoke shoes, exlusive interviews, classic style advice and much more.

A Suitable Wardrobe is a loyal defender of classic mens style with a focus on British, Italian and American Smart Casual.

Traditionally styled focus on traditional men's clothing in it's many varieties, and other tasty tidbits. Written by an American with an unmistakable passion for British style.

Welldressed (in Swedish and sometimes English) features pictures and short interviews of sartorialists from all over the world, as well as more personal reflections.

Style Forums

The London Lounge

The Fedora Lounge

Ask Andy About Clothes Forum

Entertaining Style Links

The Chap

The Corduroy Appreciation Club

The Online Estates of Sir Royston Buckingham-Hirst

Rörstrandsgatan neighbours

Roberts tobak (fine cigars, tobacco and chocolate)

Classic Tea Room (afternoon tea, of course)

Andrew's Ties (Quality Italian shirts, neckwear and accessories)

Tweed Run Links

Tweed Run

Bike in Tweed Stockholm

Gamla Stans Cykel

Shooting Links

Allt om jakt och vapen (in Swedish)

Jaktjournalen (in Swedish)

Jaktmarker och fiskevatten (in Swedish)

Robsoft Forum (in Swedish)

Svensk Jakt (in Swedish)

Swedish Association for Hunting and Wildlife Management (in Swedish)

Equestrian links

Häst och Ryttare


Swedish Equestrian Federation

Golf Links

Svensk Golf

Swedish Golf Federation

Swedish Golfers Historic Society

Flyfishing Links

Allt om Flugfiske

Flugfiske i Norden

Swedish Sports Fishing Federation

Country Living Links

Gods och Gårdar


Annah of Sweden

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Magee AW12 Brochure

Chapman Bags Styles SSAW12

Bladen Brochure

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