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Tweed jacket and cardigan

Relaxed Style for Winter Weekends

When taking a walk, instead of long johns, I suggest that you add a pair of knitted knee length shooting socks underneath your trousers. They give warmth were you need it, instead of bulk were it is definitely not needed. Put on a chunky Aran jumper or a knitted bodywarmer, your trusty winter sports jacketA sports jacket, commonly of tougher material than a suit jacket, is meant to be worn with trousers of another colour (and pattern). and you are ready to go. That is, provided you did not neglect your brogues? Snow or not - wellingtons and the like are for work, not pleasant winter promenades.

Indoors, corduroys and lambswool make the base. A pair of well worn corduroys possesses an incomparable softness and their whales and pilé deepens their colour. Lambswool offers a softness and touch unlike that of slick fine gauge merino. A cardigan makes for unlabored flexibility, between snow and fire, chilling wind and calefacient eggnog. With a loose fitting soft brushed cotton shirt closest to your body, and a tie or cravat that unmistakably speaks of the season, the holiday merriment will not only be felt but also show.

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