Founded in 1917, Bladen is committed to mantaining the highest standards of traditional craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail.

A Bladen jacket takes up to six weeks to cereate in a highly skilled process involving over 120 separate operetions, many of them by hand.

Many of the cloths are made exclusively for Bladen by the finest English and Scottish mills, with the renowned Supasax quality in two ply lambswool a proven classic.

The buttons are traditionally cross stitched, whilst the blazerA usually dark navy single or double breasted jacket with brass or horn buttons. buttons are hand made.

The jacket interlinings are natural canvas, including 100 % horse hair, with a four piece chest to ensure a near perfect lasting fit across the chest and shoulders.

The trousers are traditionally constructed to the finest standards featuring luxury cotton pocketing and a waistband with fine rubber shirt grips for added comfort.