Pennine Socks & Knitwear

Pennine shooting and equestrian socks are made in England to a high specification using the finest yarns. In addition to this impressive range of socks, there is a knitwear collection for ladies and gentlemen all designed to compliment the shooting socks.

Many of the socks are finished by hand using point to points linking to obtain a seamless flat finish with hand customised tops with stylish designs.

Each pair of socks are sized on specially made boards, then put into a flat bed press to set and retain the perfect shape and fit, which is a unique process used on Pennine socks.

The Rutland collection is made to high standards in a soft but hard wearing merino/acrylic mix. The Rutland socks are available as sets including a matching garterThe strap you tie around your knee length sock to keep it from slipping down. The top of the sock is then folded down over the garter, exept for the flashes., all at an interesting price point.