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Dress code: Country Chic

Dear Mrs Ribbing,

Of course, country elegance, or country chic, is not a traditional dress code and it is more ambiguous than Morning dress for instance. But it does not take much of my tweedy imagination to figure out that for a “Garden Party” in Scandinavia the dress code “lantlig elegans” must be inspired by the attire of rural England. A clothing style as well known and liked as British murder stories. But if in doubt, asking the hosts is a good suggestion.

For the gentleman the odd jacket is perfect, preferably in tweed, but a navy blazerA usually dark navy single or double breasted jacket with brass or horn buttons. will do. Add a country check shirt, or a lightly coloured oxford shirt, a tie or even better a cravat. CorduroyCorduroy is a textile composed of twisted fibers that, when woven, lie parallel (similar to twill) to one another to form the cloth's distinct pattern, a "cord." Modern corduroy is most commonly composed of tufted cords, sometimes exhibiting a channel (bare to the base fabric) between the tufts. Corduroy is, in essence, a ridged form of velvet. In Sweden known as "Manchester" trousers, or if wearing a blazer, boldly coloured cotton twillA fabric woven in parallel diagonal ribs, by passing the weft thread alternatively over and under one or more warp threads. Tweed, gabardine, cheviot and denim, for example, are all twills. trousers. Do not forget to casually slip a pocket squareA handkerchief worn in the breast pocket of a jacket. Traditionally in silk, cotton or linen. into your jacket’s breast pocket. As for the shoes, definitely brown brogues.

For the lady there are number of possible routes, but stay out of those high heels. Slim jeans and a tailored tweed jacket? A pencil skirt and a cashmere jumper? A flowery dress with a large brimmed hat? Yes, yes and, if warm enough, yes! I think you ladies have got the picture by now and there is plenty enough room for your imagination as well.

Mr. Tweed

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Party Chic Dress code

Any recommendation for a dress code "party chic" for men?

Mr. Tweed going partying

Dear Daniel,

According to my experience, "Party Chic" can mean just about anything. The hosts obviously want their guests to dress above their everyday standard, whatever that might be, and not too formal. For some this would mean designer jeans and a slim fit T-shirt, for some a blazerA usually dark navy single or double breasted jacket with brass or horn buttons., flannel trousers and a bow-tie.

When I occasionally encounters this ambigus dress code, I try to avoid anything resembling business attire. I also try to be careful with dedicated country items if the party takes place in a major city. How about this for Mr. Tweed going partying:

Open collar pink shirt
Tweed sports jacketA sports jacket, commonly of tougher material than a suit jacket, is meant to be worn with trousers of another colour (and pattern).
Eyecatching pocket squareA handkerchief worn in the breast pocket of a jacket. Traditionally in silk, cotton or linen.
Raw denim jeans
Brown oxford quarter brouges

But you know your hosts better than I. Dress comfortably but elegantly enough for the occation and the company you expect. And you being here, reading my weblog, make me belive you will not fail...


Mr. Tweed

Country Chic.

I think the following website sums it up where the ladies' attire is concerned. Very much a "must-have" for the ladies and a "must-see" for the gentlemen.

The horse trials I've attended in the past few years show that the British (younger women) aristocrats and well-to-dos are very much in favour of adopting the modern tweed (and cashmere) look whilst maintaining the traditions. Rightly so, I say!

Sincerely yours, G

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