Hand-made "The Swedish Hussars Regimental Ties"

Skånska husarregementet K5 (Mid blue stripe)
Smålands husarregemente K4 (Wide yellow stripe)Kronprinsens husarregemente K7 (Navy stripe)Livregementets husarer K3 (Wide white stripe) Dolma 1895 uniform - Skånska husarregementet K5 Dolma 1895 uniform - Smålands husarregemente K4 Dolma 1895 uniform - Kronprinsens husarregemente K7 Dolma 1895 uniform - Livregementets husarer
900 kr

Based on an idea by our friend Peder Lamm, and inspired by the Swedish Dolma uniforms from 1895, we designed unique patterns for the Swedish Hussar regiments. Woven by Vanners in a Super Reppe quality and handslipped by our tiemaker in Kent. Although not officially sanctioned, the resulting ties are a loving tribute to the Swedish light cavalry...

Skånska husarregementet K5 1807 - 1927 (Mid blue stripe)

Smålands husarregemente K4 1822 - 1927 (Wide yellow stripe)

Kronprinsens husarregemente K7 1758 - 1927 (Navy stripe)

Out of stock: Livregementets husarer K3 1893 - (Wide white stripe) 

Illustrations: Drabant Design | facebook.com/drabantdesign

100 % silk Super Reppe by Vanners. 8 cm wide and 149 cm long. Hand slipped. Self loop and self tipped. Light and soft wool interlining. Dry clean only. Made in England.

Price: 900 kr

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