Private White V.C. Goodwood Worksuit Jerkin Vest

Private White V.C. Goodwood Worksuit Jerkin Vest
Here with a Rayner & Sturges Oxford shirt and one of our own knitted silk ties.Flapped inside pockets and detachable buttons.Matching worksuit jacket and trousers available.
2 200 kr

This workwear vest has been designed in collaboration with The Goodwood Revival Festival. Using the finest 100% cotton, woven in Lancashire, the vest has been individually garment dyed and washed for enhanced texture, character and authenticity. Completly unlined with taped seams. British made detachable real horn butcher buttons and patch side pockets.

100% cotton twillA fabric woven in parallel diagonal ribs, by passing the weft thread alternatively over and under one or more warp threads. Tweed, gabardine, cheviot and denim, for example, are all twills. . Garment dyed. Unlined. Two patch side pockets. Detachable real horn butcher buttons. Machine wash cold. Made in ManchesterCorduroy is a textile composed of twisted fibers that, when woven, lie parallel (similar to twill) to one another to form the cloth's distinct pattern, a "cord." Modern corduroy is most commonly composed of tufted cords, sometimes exhibiting a channel (bare to the base fabric) between the tufts. Corduroy is, in essence, a ridged form of velvet. In Sweden known as "Manchester", England.

This vest is trim fitting. Size up if you wish a looser fit.

Price: 2 200 kr

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