His strong chest is fitted nice and clean...

Porter & Harding Glenroyal 3-piece Suit

Suit: Bladen Made-to-Measure

Tweed: Porter & Harding Glenroyal 14 oz

Country Brogues: Tricker's

Shirt: Rayner & Sturges

Tie: John Comfort

Average: 4.6 (48 votes)



Is it possible to buy a similar? If so, please contact me.



No problem!

 The fabric from Porter & Harding is available for Made-to-Measure. Just book an appointment and we will take your measures...

Porter & Harding

 Awesome suit! What is the price for a made-to-measure suit?

Prices for MTO

Prices start at 7 300 SEK for a 2-piece suit in standard worsted wools. A 3-piece suit in tweed starts at 9 700 SEK.

own cloth?

I have a 2.5m length of Holland and Sherry windowpane tweed. Amazing stuff. Is it possible to get this made up MTM with you? I am thinking as an odd jacket.

Loved it

Nice suit. I have been thinking about buying a suit, preferably a three-piece one. And the suit in the picture just got into my mind. Is it possible to buy the above? Or a black shade of this is available? Please let know. Thanks.

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