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  • The Hacking Jacket

    2008-11-26 3 comments

    The hacking jacket evolved from the riding coats worn since the eighteenth century by country folk, and which caught the attention of the country-loving English aristocracy. Its particular features are of course equestrian in nature, but the sheer elegance and presence of its silhouette made it the model for the modern suit jacket.

    A Bladen Hacking Jacket
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  • The Sports Jacket and the Origins of the Modern Suit

    2008-11-26 4 comments

    It is not surprising that the perhaps most English of all inventions, the modern suit, derives its descent from the equally English fields of hunting and shooting. The development of the sports jacket made it possible to replace the English tailcoat and bring men’s clothing into the twentieth century.

    A Bladen 2-B Sports Jacket
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