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A Bladen Hacking Jacket

The Hacking Jacket

The hacking jacketA sports jacket initially designed for riding. Usually a longer length tweed jacket with flapped slanted pockets, ticket pocket and center vent. is the accentuated version of a sports jacketA sports jacket, commonly of tougher material than a suit jacket, is meant to be worn with trousers of another colour (and pattern). . Its profile, with marked shoulders, high waist and high buttoned chest makes it particularly flattering for men or women of slender built; it stands out and makes its bearer stand up even straighter than he or she would clad otherwise.

The details of the hacking jacket all have equestrian roots. Not solely meant for riding nowadays, of course, it nevertheless still keeps the qualities which made it the favoured garment for non formal riding, or “hacking”, as it was called. The slanted flapped pockets keep your belongings from falling out when you lean forward jumping a fence and makes them easily accessible. The third narrow pocket, often called the ticket pocket, is practical for keeping smaller items in the field such as coins or train tickets. The centre vent guarantees a flattering lower shape of the jacket even when seated in the saddle.

The tweed hacking jacket is today a garment for many occasions. Although its rustic and somewhat practical background seems to demand a practical setting of some kind, its elegance and the luxurious look of a well tailored jacket in genuine British tweed makes it appropriate in all but the most formal settings. Easily combined with a range of trousers including denim jeans.

The hacking jacket has a unique personality to it. Its traits are as truly British as can be, and its story is one of singular importance to the larger history of English clothing. Wear it right, and it will always generously add not only to your stance but to your integrity as well.

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What a nice jacket, well cut

What a nice jacket, well cut and really up to it...
The jacket really looks "English aristocracy" the way we live and love it!

Hacking Coat

I have a hacking jacket that fits your descrition, but has a half belt in the rear. I am interested in purchasing another that has the half belt. Do you have such a jacket?

Not from stock

 Sorry Richard, we do not have half belt ja ckets available from stock, however we offer half belts within our MTM programme. Delivery time is 6-8 weeks and the price increase is about 1 500 SEK compared to our stock jackets.

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