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A Classic Polka Dot Cravat

Using Cravats with Confidence

First of all I want to make one thing clear; I am referring to the day cravat. The old style cravat used with a formal morning jacketA tailcoat with the front skirt cut away, often worn with grey striped trousers. Replaced by the modern suit in the early twentieth century. until early twentieth century (still used by some as part of a wedding costume) should today preferably be exchanged for an ordinary tie. Looks way smarter actually, if you for some reason need to get into that morning jacket.

The day cravat, on the other hand, has in our days been receiving attention as the slightly eccentric tie substitute for informal settings. It adds colour to your outfit and hides your hairy chest when wearing an open shirt. It stops cool air from getting inside your shirt, and is more comfortable to wear than a tie.

First the basics: The cravat is always tied around your neck under the collar. Tie it by starting to do a four in hand knot, but do not tuck the loose end into the finishing loop. Instead, just keep it hanging straight down inside your shirt, and adjust the tension and finish of the knot. Avoid large spread cut-away collars, as it can look a bit strange. As always, do not match your pocket squareA handkerchief worn in the breast pocket of a jacket. Traditionally in silk, cotton or linen. to close to your neck-wear.

For a less play-boyish look keep the cravat low but tight around your neck and leave only the top shirt button open. For a more flamboyant look wear it with the loose ends outside the shirt, but inside a vee-neck jumper. Looks smart, doesn’t it!

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love your comments about the cravat i love wearing them at the weekend
and in the evening love the feel of silk around my neck and just finnish
off the outfit.let hope more men will start wearing them ,they are still
very much a live in london

How can I buy

Dear sir I am in Houston Texas I want to buy your silk pre tied cravat please let me know the procedure. How can I buy these. Thank you.... Waiting yor mail reply

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