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Handkerchiefs (or Pocket Squares)

The wide variety of patterns, designs and fashions available to to-day's consumer offers both an invitation to counfusion and, which is more important – a chance to display individuality. (A couple of obvious remarks should perhaps be made: the handkerchief should of course never match the tie, and the country style-clothed person should of course, as ever, stay clear away from modes associated with formal functions, or businesswear. White silk and solid pastels are out.)

Moreover, the plethora of prints and colours gives the countryman an excellent opportunity to dress in key with the season: a bronze paisly-cloth of of half-linen sturdiness will compliment a dark green tweed jacket almost as well as it flatters the September foliage.

And, lastly, the enduring question of How to Fold: well, in my opinion, the so-called TV-fold is best left in the company of teleprompters or lawyers, and as for the rest, the "puffs","peaks", "crushs" etcetera, -- just make it your own, be consistent but not boring, and never ever let the monogram show.

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Handkerchiefs (or Pocket Squares)

The Barbour versions in a box of 3 (i.e. blue, red and green) are very nice and are of a paisley design. I have also searched high and low in the past for pocket squares, which reflect my taste as well as my jackets and have not been successful at times. As a best alternative, a trip to a material shop is just the thing to do and choose patterns, which can then be (machine) sewn by the lady indoors and duly popped into the breast pocket on completion of such a simple task. There we go! Sincere regards, G

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