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A wide flat cap

Choosing the Right Cap – A Decent Cap for the Dapper Chap

The flat cap can be worn with pride no matter of class and age. But it should be chosen with care. Some Scandinavians will tell you only a very narrow cap is in line with good taste. But the truth is that the narrow cap is not suitable for all shapes of head.

Try to find a cap that matches your face. If you have a narrow face most styles look good. Choose a narrow cap for a moderate impression, or a wide for a bolder statement. If gifted with a wider face, especially with a round shape, do stay away from the narrow caps. A wider cap will look much more balanced, and will give you that dapper chap appearance you are looking for.

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Choosing the Right Cap – A Decent Cap for the Dapper Chap

The hat (in all shapes and forms) is not only for wearing (and enjoying), but protection from the sun (especially in the warmer months of the year) is an absolute must. In this instance, I find all to often men walking about without protection and pay the consequences thereafter (whilst not being aware as to why?). As for me, I haven't got a problem donning my Panama hat when making my weekend excursion to the market to pick up my fresh for the weekend. I get many stares from people going past with a mixture of facial expressions to boot. In the colder months, it depends on the event. A Stetson is a good choice for the appropriate outing. Tweed flatcaps are also a favourite depending on when and where. I do have a beige Barbour baseball cap, which goes very well with my Barbour Liddlesdale stepjacket. All in all, men (and women) are not aware of the dangers the sun present. A trip to the local hat shop (or clothing stores) would soon fix that. Sincerely yours, Gary

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